LCSC Internship

Leadership for Community and Social
Change (LCSC) internship Program

A goal like ours, needs you to carry the torch into the future.

Leadership for Community and Social Change (LCSC) internship Program

A goal like ours, needs you to carry the torch into the future.


At Project Chirag, we value every background, identity, and experience.

It makes us stronger. It makes us more able. We are committed to working together while challenging each other within the team to be the best version of ourselves and bring as much value as we can to the table.

Empathy is woven into the very fabric of our organization, ensuring we treat all human beings with respect and compassion. We remain true to our goal of equal access for rural sustainability, by committing to the values of cultural sensitivity, inclusion, and mutual respect.

LCSC Internship Program

The LCSC Internship Program is a 6-8 Week Internship for college / university students. The program aims to provide experience based learning for students interested in the rural development and sustainability space. At Project Chirag, receive mentorship that allows you to play an active role in the end to end execution of live projects, having the opportunity to explore

Research And Innovation

To solve complex social problems, and explore the new developments in sustainable energy, how they can help establish improved frameworks, while also learning to craft the best possible interventions to address a community’s particular challenges.

Strategic Planning Of Tasks

Is critical to the success of an intervention. Participate in the project cycle, understanding the process from accessing funds, to their distribution, how the intervention is implemented, as well as the reporting of the same.
You’ll promote a comprehensive strategy to develop lasting donor relationships through research, and data-focused donor support and reporting.

On Ground Experience

Is the key to channeling social spirit and at Project Chirag you will have the opportunity to participate in outbound visits across India to the villages.
You’ll be on top of all the information flowing in and out of our interventions in the field, and will experience the work we do through all stages, on ground.

Dynamic Communications Programs

Drive awareness and growth, for our cause as well as our organization. Bring our mission and brand to life by creating inspirational, innovative, and consistent content, engaging with youth ambassadors and leaders in the space.
Create thoughtful, and consistent experiences for our donors that demonstrate their impact and evolve their relationship with Project Chirag.

Our Work

Over 300 million Indians live without access to the most basic essentials; homes with light, water, food, education, sanitation and livelihoods. That is 25% of our population. Of these, 134 million Indians live below the poverty line.

We are working every day, since 2010, to change this. To bring rural India, the forgotten Bharat, into the light. We pivot development on solar power, an affordable, continuous and sustainable source of energy, and design frameworks unique to the needs of each village.

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