The Road Ahead To Sustainable Rural Development

The Road Ahead To Sustainable Rural Development

Paving the pathway to sustainable development at the village level is critical to our mission.

But building on the same sustainability to create deeper frameworks that allow empowered villagers to partake in their own development, is the greatest need. And so we work toward growing and enabling the systems to do more and reach further.

Growing The Agriculture Fold

Growing The Agriculture Fold

When we bring solar powered lift irrigation to the villages, we induct willing and geographically able farmers. Other village farmers, skeptical of the offered help, slowly begin a process to get con, joining the initial cohort.

Oftentimes, the farmers who don’t have access to the provided irrigation of their farmland, then request an additional model to be implemented, taking the village towards 100% livelihood and zero migration.

Solar Powered Distribution System

Connecting these villagers to the market system remains a mission we are actively pursuing. Realizing their ability to produce, there is now a marketable surplus of supply in some villages and we see this number growing exponentially as development multiplies and FPO’s are created.

We are working at enabling solar powered systems such as Solar Refrigerators
that extend the life of the produce and allows the villagers to transport the produce to the market.

Solar Powered Distribution System

Enhancing Livelihood

To truly capitalize on the agricultural capability of a region, Bio-Diversity Mapping will create a roadmap for greater production and consequently enhanced income potential, specifically for mushroom and strawberry cultivation.

For the IVDs already in place, we are working towards oil extraction using solar powered machinery as the natural progression of enhanced Groundnut cultivation and Nirgudi trees in the region. Many villages also see a significant cultivation of Mogra and we are working towards Sherbet making machinery and distribution.

Women's Empowerment

Working with women to make them key stakeholders in their own as well as their village’s development has been an essential focus. We are working on developing a program ‘Chirag Sanginis’, that will provide women with solar powered machinery to make eco-friendly reusable sanitary napkins, adding to their health and hygiene. The program will also provide them with Solar tech training to build lanterns for nearby villages while also creating awareness for sustainable electricity. With access to water comes time saved and greater productivity, and solar powered sewing machines as well as solar powered community cook for the schools and ashrams will provide a sustainable occupation for women.
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Employability For Youth

Bringing light and engaged learning to the rural classroom is a part of our current mandate, but we see a great need to help support employability training for the youth to allow them to rise from the bed of poverty.

We are looking at providing tech and connectivity on the pivot of solar power for agricultural education, training for technical institutes, and skills enhancement training.

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Using Technology For Connectivity

Bringing technology to the villages has never been more important, something we are doing at an educational and infrastructural level.

But to allow for significant behavioural change, we look at using solar powered ‘Bolki Shala’ for adult and community education, as well as creating solar powered Kiosks for basic services that bridge that gap of requirements in the village, such as applying for government schemes and monitoring weather patterns for agriculture.

Continuous communication with villages of intervention, leave room for us to monitor the installation but also constantly assess the additional requirements that will expedite their journey to self-sufficiency.

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Joy of giving

You could light up a home, or a village; empower a family or a community. Every penny counts and no amount is too small or too large. Contribute to the future of our rural citizens and witness the sustainable impact it brings in their lives, and yours.

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To make development available and sustainable across the rural landscapes, partnerships with like-minded social organizations and businesses has never been more essential. Let’s make a difference, together.

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