Every rural Indian is entitled to basic necessities,

Homes with Light

We are a non-profit that enables solar power to help develop a self-sufficient and sustainable rural India, one village at a time.

Our Work

Over 300 million Indians live without access to these most basic essentials.

That is 25% of our population. The goal is mammoth, but not unachievable.

And we work towards it every day.

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* A few of our projects for your reference.

Live projects to donate

Light Up Lives

Home to tribals that are surviving in absolute darkness, with relatively no access to the basic essentials of light and water, 150 homes in this village are in desperate need of light

Adopt a School

Home to 92 children, many of whom belong to migrant worker families, the hostel has poor access to electricity, leaving these underprivileged children in darkness

Transform a Village

Morhanda Village is a largely agricultural village where villagers have limited access to electricity and water, and no continuous income. With solar powered lift irrigation we can help develop Morhanda into a self-sufficient and sustainable village
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Janki Damu Waghat
“When the water is contaminated or impure, home filters can be very useful for us. In our village, during the summer months, there is a scarcity of water, and we have to walk long distances to get it. Sometimes, we have to resort to drinking water from borewells or dig holes beside the river to obtain drinking water. We also had to go to the water source at odd hours, such as 2 AM to 3 AM, to get a utensil of water, as during the day, it was very difficult to get water because all the women rushed to the same spot. But now, with the water tank near our house, we can fill water whenever we need it.”

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Join our youth

Over 10,000 young people have powered our purpose, turning inti critical changemakers themselves. Spread awareness, implement interventions, raise funds, you can join our youth and be the change you want to see.

Joy of giving

You could light up a home, or a village; empower a family or a community. Every penny counts and no amount is too small or too large. Contribute to the future of our rural citizens and witness the sustainable impact it brings in their lives, and yours.

Partners in

To make development available and sustainable across the rural landscapes, partnerships with like-minded organizations and businesses has never been more essential. Let’s make a difference, together.
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