Youth Ambassador Program

The Chirag Youth Ambassador Programme is a learning experience that is designed to foster the next generation of youth leaders. This year-long intensive program is aimed at developing the skills and talents of high-school students with high leadership potential. We aim to nurture each ambassador’s talents and provide them with a platform to develop into well-rounded individuals capable of solving complex social problems. Students studying in Grade 9 to 12 are eligible to apply for this programme.


Through a mélange of responsibilities, a Chirag Youth Ambassador will acquire and establish an array of skills that include management, communication, organization, problem-solving and stakeholder management in order to flourish as a leader of tomorrow.


The Chirag Youth Ambassador programme provides each individual with the opportunity to be part of a larger community of global youth leaders, as well as carry their experience with them wherever they may choose to continue their studies.


We commence our next Youth Ambassadors Program from July 15th, 2020. The program can be completed in one of the two categories mentioned below:

Project Chirag Junior Ambassador: 1-year program

Project Chirag Ambassador: 2-year program
If you’re a dynamic young student looking for an opportunity to make a difference in rural India, here is your opportunity to come aboard!

Leadership for Social Change

Leadership for Social Change Program’ (LSCP) is an internship programme designed to foster personal and professional growth. The LSCP would be entail a 6 to 8 week internship targeted towards college / university students.  The program offers an exciting mix of research & innovation to solve complex social problems, strategic planning tasks, national & international business development in the non-profit sector and reflection sessions amongst other activities. Interns would additionally have the opportunity to participate in Project Chirag’s outbound visits across India (Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and Karnataka). This intensive program is aimed squarely at developing the leadership abilities of individuals with high leadership potential. The focus is on shifting from ‘internal leadership’ to a broader, richer understanding of leadership – as practiced personally and professionally, globally and locally, and across sectors and generations. Interns of the Leadership for Social Change program are exposed to a blend of both worlds. While in most cases an internship would be tangential towards solely a corporate setting or contrastingly only a social setting, interns of the LSCP are engaged in a series of activities that not only help evolve oneself into an ambassador for societal change but also instil the required qualities for budding professionals.


At Project Chirag, you work with people and not for people. Being in a workplace with an average age of 25 years instigates an environment of being creatively social.

Campus Chapters

Project Chirag believes strongly in leveraging the energy of the youth towards social change. In Order to do this, we have created a unique endeavor to involve education institutions to partner with Project Chirag.

Through this partnership, the educational institute and Project Chirag would set up a Campus chapter which would be led by a core team of five to six individuals, under the mentorship of a faculty coordinator and the principal of the college. Project Chirag aims to mobilize the students at your school to provide a complete rural development experience and build these individuals in social leaders. The core team at the institute will work with the Project Chirag crew in various capacities including strategy creation and implementation, mentoring other youth bodies, as well as provide them with other opportunities.

The core team will work towards mobilizing a group of volunteers, a minimum of 20 individuals, who are interested in being involved in installation trips with Project Chirag. Members of the Project Chirag Team will conduct an information session, where students are sensitized to the predicaments & wants of rural India and are motivated to make a difference on an individual or collective level. The Project Chirag Team mentor students on the installation process of the solar units and explain how the volunteers need to brief the villagers.

During this session, these student volunteers would also receive training on installation procedures.  Student volunteers install the lights themselves into each household and explain the functioning of the lights to the villagers. Project Chirag crew members only act as facilitators in the entire process. The trip to the village is usually a one-day trip, the details of which are worked out at the appropriate time.

Those students who are interested in volunteering in ways other than installation, may choose to be involved as volunteers for marketing activities, impact assessment studies, among other activities. This role could entail, involvement in the planning, creation and implementation of marketing activities, whether it be managing a social media campaign, a stall, or creation of specific collateral. This is also aimed at providing BMM students with the opportunity to take their learning out of the classroom and apply it towards practical experience.

CSR Partnership Program

We at Project Chirag value highly our relationship with corporate donors. We have partnered with a range of corporations and worked on employee engagement programmes to install lights across rural India.

We are happy to meet individuals as well as present to a large number of employees in order to gain support for our cause. We also encourage employees to come on installation trips and see the impact of their donations on India’s poorest.

We welcome any contribution to lighting India’s rural homes and have the experience to execute a program efficiently and effectively, involving the corporate as to whatever their preference.

Click on this link to get in touch with our Fundraising Team so we can work together to bring light for all.


The Chirag Team personally install each light in the rural villages, with support from youth groups. We also strongly encourage our donors to come to the installation so they can meet the people whose lives they are improving and seeing their work in action. This also ensures direct accountability of every light we install.


Project Chirag is a youth initiative. We leverage this resource of young citizens. Young professionals from corporate backgrounds and students from various schools and universities are an active part of the organization and are a vital support system in the grass root level installation of solar lights.

NGO Partnership Program

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